Your Current Filter Isn’t Removing Nitrates. Upgrade it Now.

Traces of harmful chemicals, such as nitrates, can be found in the water even after going through the filtration process. Most systems do not have a Nitrate specific Resin media because it is a newer technology. You need to have this media added to your system to remove the nitrates in your water.


A little bit about us

The Water Awareness Group provides education and funding to promote clean water in the State of Texas. We partner with companies that can provide up-to-date media technology that addresses the contaminants affecting the water quality of the cities in our state.

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Katelynn, August 29

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“I had my water tested today. There were some disturbing findings in the test results. I highly recommend the test.”

Darlene, July 5

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“Had some issues about the color of the water coming out of my shower. I did not know where to turn. Had test my water come out and got to the bottom of the problem. Best decision ever!”

Dajuan, August 29

Ready To See If Your Water Has Nitrates?

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Your water filters should be changed and maintained regularly to ensure you’re getting the clean and safe water you paid for.